Exterior Lighting Design - Advanced Certificate

The fully redeveloped Advanced Certificate course in Interior Lighting provide the learners with the vital, well informed next step in advancing their knowledge and education for a career in lighting.

The Advanced Certificate course fulfils the learner’s desire and need to know more and provides the crucial stepping stone for progressing their careers in lighting, be it in product development, sales or application and design.

The course is delivered by respected, highly qualified, well-known industry experts, all with University Recognised Teacher Status.

To reinforce and support the learning, completely new, up-to-date and comprehensive course textbooks have been written to capture and convey this wealth of experience.

Teaching Location:Telford and South of England
Teaching Institution:The Lighting Industry Academy
Duration:3.5 days + 12 week period for project completion
Delivery:Continuous days of classroom learning
Intakes:Once a month at specified dates
Level:Working at educational Level 5

The Lighting Industry Academy also offers the Advanced Certificate Course in Interior Lighting. The two advanced certificate courses are fully aligned with each other so that students taking them both will fully benefit from the course materials.

The Lighting Industry Academy is in the process of developing two more new Advanced Courses to be launched later in 2018.


Experienced lighting professionals who may be looking to further their skills and lighting knowledge by specialising in Exterior lighting or want to take their learning of interior to the next level after completing the Lighting Industry Academy’s Certificate course.

The Advanced course is carefully crafted for those with a career in lighting and looking to either develop a much deeper understanding of light, vision and design to deliver professional schemes or for those seeking a strategic advantage over their competitors by being able to understand and apply the latest knowledge and thought processes.

This advanced course offers the highest standard of education in lighting which is working at an educational level 5.


This course consists of three days of learning, a half day design briefing and the requirement to complete the interior lighting project over a twelve week period.


Students have the opportunity to uniquely explore the complete journey from the art of lighting, through the science and practicalities to the successful specification. The student will start with light and perception, move on to the design process, engage with lamps, luminaires, controls, CAD, and computer modelling and finally the use of codes and the production of specifications and drawings.

  • > A design focused approach based on understanding the human factors of perception, recognition and orientation
  • > Understanding the natural world and using this with predictive laws to improve your outdoor designs
  • > Forms and functions of exterior lighting including sources, optics, maintenance and controls
  • > Floodlighting for large areas and sports
  • > Lighting architecture, facades and heritage buildings
  • > Working with, convincing and specifying for the design team
  • > Identifying the users and their needs
  • > Handling large Infrastructure size projects, for example, Rail or Air Termini
  • > Energy & Sustainability, environmental impacts and light nuisance
  • > Using Master planning to give lighting a place in the city
  • > Design stages, guidance, schedules, risk, contracts and finance
  • > The science of light in the exterior night time environment
  • > Computer software renders and measuring your installation


This course consists of three days of learning, a half day design briefing and the requirement to complete the exterior lighting project over a twelve week period.


Coursework and a major set project for the student to complete at the end.
Post-course all students will be provided with marked feedback.


Further develop your knowledge and career in lighting by studying for the highest qualification offered by the Academy at Higher National Certificate and Diploma (HNC and HND) in Lighting Design and Technology (offered in partnership with the University of South Wales), upon completion of which the students will have the option to convert it to BSc (Hons) Lighting Design and Technology degree at University of South Wales.

Learners may also want to improve their knowledge of a specific topic of lighting by enrolling on to the courses in one of the following subject areas:


For individual delegates:

Member:£850 + VAT
Non-Member:£1,050 + VAT

For a group of up to 10 delegates:

Contact the office directly - email: academy@thelia.org.uk or call: 01952 525158


21st - 24th January 2019The LIA, Telford
11th - 14th March 2019Marriott Hotel, Slough
1st - 4th April 2019Marriott Hotel, Slough
3rd - 6th June 2019Marriott Hotel, Slough

For the full range of courses at the Academy and their upcoming dates, please check out the Latest Course Schedule.


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