Steon complete lighting refurbishment for Hull Royal Infirmary

Hull Royal Infirmary is a large NHS Trust providing care for patients in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Steon Lighting have been fortunate enough to be involved in the manufacturing of LED luminaires and lighting design of ward 36 at Hull Royal Infirmary. Leaning on our experience and a long-standing history of designing and delivering specialist lighting for health care environments, we were able to offer luminaires which are reliable with longevity whilst also keeping within the stringent requirements.


Hull Royal Infirmary is fully committed to delivering the highest quality of care and support to patients and are always trying to improve the hospital experience where possible. With this in mind, Steon’s lighting designers were tasked with creating a scheme for the patient rooms, circulation areas and reception areas etc. which would provide a nurturing atmosphere for patients as well as a dynamic working environment for staff. The hospital was also keen to benefit from long lasting and durable LEDs in the interest of minimising energy consumption.


Steon proposed installing LED technology, not only is this a sustainable choice but also has the capability to reduce costs by saving energy and improving operational efficiency. After completing lighting calculations our designers selected a range of luminaires from within our technical Steon brand.

The Atlas LED modular panel was selected for the reception areas and waiting rooms. A number of the panels throughout the reception area were specified with our integral Manual Intelligent Control 2 (MIC2) sensor technology, meaning the luminaire output reduces to 10% when the areas are unoccupied. The use of this intelligent control further reduces energy consumption whilst also providing a level of courtesy illumination. To provide extra illumination we also included Hydrus Midi LED downlighters for installation directly above the reception desk.

In the wards we selected DALI LED Grid panels for installation above the beds and standard versions for along the central walkway of the room. The inclusion of DALI in these areas enables the staff to dynamically change the light intensity, perhaps dimmed down in line with a patients’ preference, conversely, increase illuminance when a task or procedure is to be performed. Not only does the use of DALI digital dimming benefit the patient but it also reduces energy consumption.

Additionally, we supplied several Arax 14 LEDs as nightlights for the central walkway of the room, throughout the night they provide sufficient light in the central thoroughfare to enable the staff to continue with their duties.

The bathroom and assisted shower areas are illuminated by our fire rated downlighter, the Sol LED.

Steon’s robust non-corr­osive Challenger 66 LED was installed in the plant room complete with MIC 1 controls, this is a simple yet cost effective off-on-off energy control system which switches the luminaire on upon detection of presence and switches off following periods of prolonged absence. The Rondo which we selected for the cleaner’s store also operates with MIC 1 controls.


Ward 36 has utilised LED luminaires to present a lighting scheme which is bright and aesthetically pleasing whilst also fulfilling all the requirements of functionality. The new lighting will deliver ongoing savings as the LEDs are energy efficient and virtually maintenance free, this also prevents disruption throughout the ward.


 Alex Best, Engineering Capital Development Manager

“At Hull University Teaching Hospitals, we have under gone an extensive qualifying questionnaire and sampling of prospective LED manufacturers. Steon completed this assessment well, the next step was to install their fittings in a live environment. Our maintenance teams are extremely pleased with the quality of the fittings and staff users and patients are appreciative of the improved lighting. The timescales for the delivery of this ward were extremely tight, at all stages Steon were able to deliver as requested.”