Signify adds the ‘wow’ factor for TATA Steel through connected lighting

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has supplied Interact Pro with Philips Interact Ready luminaires for installation in the Innovation Room at TATA Steel’s headquarters in Deeside, North Wales by their in-house engineers.

This has provided the company with a quick and cost-effective connected lighting installation. The system is easy and straight forward enough for employees to use day-to-day. Also, it provides effective lighting control to allow the creation of an impactful ambiance for the hundreds of customers who visit each year to learn about the latest innovation in the steel industry.

Our innovation room is an important space where we showcase the best of our work, so it is important that we have an equally sophisticated, connected lighting system but one that our employees can operate with ease. Signify has been great in taking the time to understand what we as a business need, and working quickly to deliver a connected lighting system that has made our lives significantly easier – all with the tap of an app." Jason Wilkes, Electrical Engineer, TATA Steel

The Interact Pro system has put TATA Steel and its employees in control by letting them tailor light levels according to their requirements. It allows them to customise scenes and schedules through easily tapping the Interact Pro app, facilitating the productivity and well-being of employees. Also, it ensures that the lighting in the room is only used when it is needed, significantly reducing energy costs. By pre-setting the room, employees can create the right mood for a range of client presentations and access valuable insights into energy usage.

Interact Pro uses a wireless Zigbee Mesh network to connect luminaires, sensors and switches. This means that it is much easier to install than many existing lighting control systems and doesn’t require additional cabling, making the process swifter. Users can quickly set up the connected lighting system via the Interact Pro app. The Interact Pro connected lighting system has been so well adopted by TATA Steel’s employees that the light switches put in place are no longer needed – meaning that light is only used when required and reducing overall energy consumption.

 “From early consultations we knew Interact Pro with Philips Interact Ready luminaires was a system that would help TATA Steel make an impact with customers to reflect their innovation while being more energy efficient,” said Stuart Jolley, Trade and Specification Director for Signify in the UK and Ireland. “We look forward to continuing the partnership in the future to continue to deliver the most innovative systems through lighting.”