Over 77,000 luminaires from the Zumtobel Group illuminate the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

When Tottenham Hotspur was seeking a lighting partner for the creation of its world class 120,000m², 62,062 seater iconic new stadium, Zumtobel Group took up the challenge, offering a three tier solution and a dedicated team.

The international lighting group and leading supplier of innovative lighting solutions was chosen as the Club’s lighting partner based on the expertise of a full team of project managers combined with a fully comprehensive range of luminaires and the ability to provide the modern lighting solution the project required. The areas of illumination include player facilities, seating bowl, circulation concourse and the extensive façade.

Zumtobel Group came up with a solution based on a well-lit, comfortable and safe environment for players, employees and visitors to the stadium, which also included the project management and execution. Over 77,000 luminaires from the Zumtobel Group Lighting Brands, acdc, Thorn and Zumtobel have been installed throughout the stadium. The luminaires include acdc’s BLADE fixtures for the ‘halo’ and façade and FUSION in the seating bowl, Thorn’s STEALTH custom luminaire in the concourse circulation area, Zumtobel’s Black ONDARIA circular luminaires and VIVO spotlights in the Tottenham Experience retail space, PANOS infinity downlights and SLOTLIGHT tunableWhite and RGBW LED Tape in the changing rooms, physio and relaxation areas, Custom Active Light Wall and SLOTLIGHT tunableWhite in the players tunnel and VIVO spotlights in the M Media Cafe, custom made CRAFT L LED in the seating bowl and many other luminaires from the product portfolio of Zumtobel Group’s lighting brands are installed throughout the stadium.

The newly opened stadium is not just for football – it has been designed to host National Football League (NFL) games, concerts and other major events, which meant meeting the requirements of a multi-purpose venue. Zumtobel Group has delivered one of the most comprehensive offerings available in today’s lighting industry. Zumtobel Group and Tottenham Hotspur, both companies, leaders in their own field, are building a relationship that will benefit both brands. They are working together to ensure that the Tottenham Hotspur brand image is seen in the correct light, whilst saving energy and creating the best possible environment for staff and visitors alike.  Zumtobel Group and Tottenham Hotspur have created a winning combination with a shared vision of excellence, with solutions that are tailored to the success of their objectives.

Alfred Felder, Zumtobel Group CEO, commented

“We are proud to be partnering with Tottenham Hotspur, one of the world’s top football clubs, to provide lighting solutions for the new, iconic Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Translating the specifications and ideas of the architect and the light designer into tangible products was a major challenge but one we were able to meet thanks to our design expertise and product portfolio”.

Matthew Collecott, Director of Operations, Tottenham Hotspur comments

“We have sought to create a world-class stadium in every aspect and that includes sourcing an innovative solution to our lighting.  This has been made possible through the Zumtobel Group and we have been extremely pleased with the results they have achieved as part of this iconic project.”